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UBREATHING is a well-known Thai latex pillow brand. Founded in 2012, it is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Since its inception, it has been committed to creating high-quality sleep for customers. It employs more than 20 top designers in the industry to jointly develop and research, according to ergonomics. The principle is to integrate the sleep comfort system into the design and development of latex bedding. With the vision of “becoming the world's most popular leader in the Thai latex brand industry”, we always practice “quality first, service first, customer satisfaction, cooperation”. Win the "brand core values, quickly realize the product development and innovation, to create a healthy sleep concept of "free", "sen" breathing, vertical "release", and strive to transfer the natural latex bedding system of Thailand to the global billion Ten thousand customers in the hands. Mores

Natural latex

Latex refers to a body emulsion formed by dispersing polymer particles in water. Also known as latex. It is customary to refer to an aqueous dispersion of rubber particles as a latex, and an aqueous dispersion of resin particles as an emulsion. Pure natural latex is a milky white liquid, which is a rubber juice collected from rubber trees. A rubber tree can only produce 30cc of latex juice per day, which is very precious.


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